Coliving is a new concept in Sofia, allowing professionals to easily close an accommodation package along with a coworking desk, so they can focus only on getting their job done. The idea behind our coliving concept is based on the sharing economy. Everything that is better to be shared: the kitchen, the living room, the laundry room, etc., is shared, and everything that is better to stay private: the bedroom and the bathroom, stays private: former apartments turned into a private living heaven.

Every room includes a double bed and a private bathroom, some rooms have a guest bed, a couch, or a kitchenette. Some ensuite features an in-bedroom Jacuzzi or private terrace.

All rooms include a 24/7 coworking membership for all locations (399 BGN value)

the coworking heart

Spacious studios in the Headquarters'  location building and around it. You will be able to join the action during our rooftop parties or our social events. Whenever you will feel inspired and you will want to work, just take the elevator and come down to the coworking areas.

"The Biggest Coworking Chain in the Balkans" aka

We are a group of young and motivated professionals who managed to open 7 locations in Bulgaria for 4 years turning it into the biggest coworking chain in the Balkans.

Among our clients are Revolut, Samsung, Mastercard, Paysera, Hewlett Packard, VMware, Musala Soft, Spark, and many more.

At the moment we are the most and highest ranked coworking space with more than 1,000 of reviews and average score of 4.9/5